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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Stability Analysis and Design of Steel-Concrete Composite Columns 0 Apr 2012 Mark D. Denavit; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Urbana; IL; Jerome F. Hajjar; Northeastern University; Boston; MA SSRC
Behavior of HPS Cruciform Columns 0 Apr 2012 Perry S. Green; Bechtel Power Corporation; Frederick; MD SSRC
Flexural Buckling of Simply Supported Columns with ""Rigid End Links"" - the Key to Interpret Pin-Ended Angle Column Test Results? 0 Apr 2012 Enio Mesacasa; Jr.; University of Sao Paulo; Sao Paulo; Brazil; Dinar Camotim; Pedro Borges Dinis; Technical University of Lisbon; Lisbon; Portugal; Maximiliano Malite; University of Sao Paulo; Sao Paulo; Brazil SSRC
3D Second Order Analysis of Industrial Buildings 0 Apr 2012 Zacarias Martin Chamberlain Pravia; Ricardo A. Ficanha; University of Passo Fundo; Passo Fundo; Brazil SSRC
Effects of Splice Configuration on Web Crippling of Lapped Cold-Formed Steel Channels Subjected to Interior Two-Flange Loading 0 Apr 2012 Q. Rahman; K. Sennah; Ryerson University; Toronto; ON; Canada; ; S. Salib; Delcan Corportation; Markham; ON; Canada; S. Fox; Canadian Sheet Steel Institute; Cambridge; Canada SSRC
Towards a Strain Energy Based Strength Prediction for Locally Slender Structural Steel Columns 0 May 2011 M. Seif; B.W. Schafer; Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore; MD SSRC
Buckling Behavior of Steel Truss with Torsional Bracing 0 May 2011 Rangsan Wongjeeraphat; Todd A. Helwig; University of Texas at Austin; Austin; TX SSRC
Predicting Girder End Twist in Skewed Straight Steel Girder Bridges 0 May 2011 Craig Quadrato; United State Military Academy; West Point; West Point; NY; Weih Wang; Michael Engelhardt; Todd Helwig; University of Texas at Austin; Austin; TX; Karl Frank; Hirschfeld Industries; Austin; TX SSRC
Beedle Award Winner Presentation: Wagner's Beam Cycle 0 May 2011 N.S. Trahair; University of Sydney; Sydney; NSW; Australia SSRC
Behavior and Design of Cold-Formed Steel Lipped and Plain Angles 0 May 2011 Y. Shifferaw; B.W. Schafer; Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore; MD SSRC