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Analytical and Numerical Buckling Analysis of Rectangular Functionally-Graded Plates under Uniaxial Compression

This paper presents analytical and numerical buckling analysis of a functionally-graded plate under uniaxial compression. Functionally graded materials (FGMs) are advanced composite materials which are characterized by gradual change in material properties within a given direction. The mechanical properties of the plate are assumed to vary continuously in the thickness direction using power law, sigmoid and exponential functions in terms of the volume fraction of constituent materials (metal and ceramic). Analytical and theoretical formulation for FGM plate buckling is conducted based on a first-order-shear deformation theory (FSDT) and the Galerkin method, an effective method for solving differential equations, was selected to solve an eigenvalue problem for determining the stability of FGM plate. Numerical analysis was then completed using ABAQUS to verify and validate the mathematical formulation. Parametric studies are then performed for different material models, aspect ratios, length to thickness ratios and plate boundary conditions. Finally, the optimum material gradation of the FGM plates was selected from numerical simulations. The results of this investigation demonstrate the potential application of FGMs as thin-walled structural component in the future development of resilient and sustainable structural components/systems.

  • Date: 4/2/2019 - 4/5/2019
  • PDH Credits: 0


Elias Y. Ali and Yared S. Bayleyegn; Drexel University; Philadelphia, PA

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