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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Stability Bracing Behavior and Consequences of Inadequate Bracing [S3] 0 Apr 2016 Yang Wang; Stalin Armijos; Todd A. Helwig; Michael D. Engelhardt; Patricia Clayton; Eric Williamson; Colter Roskos; Paul Biju-Duval; Oguzhan Bayrak; Hannah B. Blum; Kim J.R. Rasmussen; Cliff D. Bishop; Morgan Griffith; Brian M. McDonald NASCC
Torsional Brace Strength Requirements for Steel I-Girders 0 Apr 2019 Yangqing Liu; Tongji University; Shanghai, China; Matthew C. Reichenbach and Todd A. Helwig; The University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX SSRC
Stability and Strength Behavior of Thin-Walled Roof-Panel-Purlin System under Wind Loading 0 Mar 2017 Yared Shifferaw and Kermelos Woldeyes, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA; Girma Bitsuamlak, University of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada SSRC
Stability of Perforated Cold-Formed Steel Beam Columns 0 Apr 2016 Yared Shifferaw and Trevor Rabare, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA SSRC
Stability of Aboveground Open-Top Tanks Subjected to Wind Loading: Static and Dynamic Analyses 0 Apr 2019 Yen-Chen Chiang, William B. Rich and Sukru Guzey; Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN SSRC
Lateral Torsional Buckling Strength of Prismatic and Web-tapered Beams [S4-3] 0 Apr 2008 Yoon Duk Kim; Donald White NASCC
Shear Resistance Mechanisms of Steel Sheet Walls with Burring Holes and the Effect of Wall Widths with Vertical Slits 0 Apr 2018 Yoshimichi Kawai and Shigeaki Tohnai; Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp.; Chicago, IL; Kazunori Fujihashi; NS Hi-Parts Corp.; Japan; Atsushi Sato and Tetsuro Ono; Nagoya Institute of Technology; Japan SSRC
Experimental Investigation of Cold-Formed Steel Shear Walls Sheathed with Steel-Gypsum Composite Panels Apr 2012 Yu, C. and C. Li; University of North Texas; Denton, TX SSRC
Automated Damage Detection and Structural Modelling with Laser Scanning 0 Apr 2016 Yujie Yan and Jerome F. Hajjar, Northeastern University, Boston, MA; Burcu Guldur, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey; Luke Yoder, Varun Kasireddy, Daniel Huber, Sebastian Scherer and Burcu Akinci, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA SSRC
Design by Advanced Elastic Analysis - An Investigation of Beam-Columns Resisting Minor-Axis Bending 0 Apr 2019 Yunfei (Phoebe) Wang; Cornell University; Ithaca, NY; Ronald D. Ziemian; Bucknell University; Lewisburg, PA SSRC