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The AISC Education Archives contains a collection of recorded webinars, conference proceedings and articles that can be accessed at any time.  All recordings are free to view. 

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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
What Will the Business of Steel Construction Look Like in 2030 0 Apr 2012 Bob Hazelton NASCC
What to do When the Money's Gone-Getting Paid Without Going to Jail! 0 May 2011 Joel D. Heusinger NASCC
What the EOR Needs to Know About Bridge Fabrication 0 May 2011 Ronnie Medlock NASCC
What Modeling Does and Doesn't Do: The Impact of Technology on Profitability; Standard of Care; and Risk Management 0 Apr 2012 Ruby University NASCC
What Makes a Good Design Drawing? 0 Mar 2015 Rob Schoen; Darren Hartman NASCC
What is Your Crane Doing Today? 0 May 2011 Mark Mehaffey; Greg Jones; Russel Hanson NASCC
What is the Real Value of a Quality Management System? 0 Mar 2015 Todd Alwood; Chris Crosby NASCC
What is the NISD? 0 Mar 2015 Fred Tinker; David Merrifield; John Linn; Jack Metcalf; Joel Hicks NASCC
What is on the Horizon for the AISC Certification Programs 0 Apr 2012 Jacques Cattan NASCC
What is ""Green"" Steel 0 Apr 2012 John Cross; Geoff Weisenberger NASCC