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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Advances in the Direct Strength Method [S9] 0 Apr 2018 Alexandre Landesmann, DSc; Michael Seek, PhD, PE NASCC
DSM Design of Cold-Formed Steel Columns Failing Distortionally Exposed to Fire: How Relevant is the Temperature Dependence of the Material Behavior? 0 Apr 2012 Alexandre Landesmann; COPPE; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Brazil; Dinar Camotim; Technical University of Lisbon; Lisbon; Portugal SSRC
Performance-Based Analysis of Composite Steel-Concrete Structures Under Fire Conditions [S2-2] 0 Apr 2008 Alexandre Landesmann; Daniel Lemos NASCC
Stability of Angles, Channels, and Z-Shaped Members [S7] 0 Apr 2016 Alexandre Landesmann; Renato Cruz; Dinar Camotim; Pedro B. Dinis; Michael W. Seek; Andreas Taras; Harald Unterweger NASCC
Connection Design: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly [D5] 0 May 2010 Alfredo Boracchini; Luis Torres NASCC
Direct Strength Approach to Predict the Flexural Strength of Cold-Formed Z-Section Purlins on Sloped Roofs 0 Apr 2018 Ali Parva and Michael W Seek; Old Dominion University; Norfolk, VA SSRC
Stability of Thin-Walled Members [S7] 0 Apr 2018 Ali Parva; Sandor Adany, PhD; Juarez Franco, PhD NASCC
Lateral Torsional Buckling of Butterfly-Shaped Shear Links 0 Mar 2017 Alireza Farzampour and Matthew R. Eatherton, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA SSRC
Rebuilding New Zealand's Post-seismic Christchurch: It's all About Damage Control [N23] 0 Mar 2014 Alistair Fussell NASCC
A Special Report from New Zealand [N74] 0 May 2011 Alistair Fussell; Gilberto Mosqueda NASCC
Structural Fire Engineering 1.5 Jun 2015 Allan Jowsey, PhD, MEng, CEng, MIFireE, MSFPE, MASCE Webinar
Stability Issues and Computer Modeling [E18] 0 May 2010 Allen Adams; Jason Ericksen; Joshua Plummer NASCC
Current Development in the Bolt Spec [N13] 0 Mar 2015 Allen Harrold NASCC
Pecha Kucha Goes Steel! [E24] 0 May 2010 Allessandro Beghini; Jon Beier; James Corsiglia; Eric Fenske; Carol Post; Craig Weisensel NASCC
Rating and Evaluation of Existing Steel Bridges [B25] 0 Apr 2019 Amanda Bao ; Christopher Higgins, PE, PhD NASCC,WSBS
What Not To Draw [L14] 0 Apr 2019 Amanda Dean, PE, Associate AIA ; Michael Mass ; Amaya Labrador, AIA, EDAC NASCC
Introduction to Seismic Design [E17] 0 May 2010 Amanuel Gebremeskel; Margaret Matthew NASCC
Promoting Health and Wellness Through Design [A3] 0 Apr 2019 Amaya Labrador, AIA, EDAC NASCC
Lateral Stability and Design of Gerber Systems 0 Apr 2019 Amir Elmaraghy, Kevin Silva, Valentin Manaud and Nicolas Boissonnade; Laval University; Quebec, Canada SSRC
Exposed Column Base Plates: What Three Years of Testing Taught Us [N16] 0 May 2011 Amit Kanvinde NASCC