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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
2018 Prize Bridges [B23] 0 Apr 2019 Bob Goodrich, PE ; Jason Provines, PE NASCC,WSBS
30+ Good Rules of Connection Design: Round 2 [C7] 0 Apr 2019 Carol Drucker, SE, PE ; William Thornton ; Patrick Fortney, PE ; Dominick D'Antonio ; Supe Snehal NASCC
A Second Look at Corrosion: Uncoated Weathering Steel Update & High-Performance Coatings in Florida [B15] 0 Apr 2019 Jennifer McConnell, PE, PhD ; Paul Vinik, PE NASCC,WSBS
Accelerated Bridge Construction Case Study: Bear Creek Bridge Slide 0 Apr 2019 Chris Ray; George Avalos WSBS
Advances in Stability Analysis [S1] 0 Apr 2019 NASCC
Advances in the Design Code & AASHTO Design Code Compared to International Codes [B26] 0 Apr 2019 Michel Bruneau, PEng, PhD, F.CAE, F.ASCE ; Hadi Kenarangi, PhD ; Terry Cakebread NASCC,WSBS
Afternoon Session and Lunch [J2] 0 Apr 2019 John Hooper, SE, PE ; Shelley Finnigan, SE NASCC
AISC Certification Forum [Q1] 0 Apr 2019 Mark Trimble ; Todd Alwood ; Larry Martof NASCC
AISC Research: Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Concentrically Braced Frames [H3] 1.5 Apr 2019 Charles Roeder, PhD ; Dawn Lehman, PhD NASCC
Alternative Seismic Systems [M8] 0 Apr 2019 Patrick McManus ; Jim Harris NASCC
Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS): Communicating for Success [A5] 0 Apr 2019 Terri Meyer Boake NASCC
Areas Of Concern And Corrective Action Requests: Streamlining the Process and Talking About the Root Cause [Q5] 0 Apr 2019 Linda Hale ; David Webb NASCC
Avoiding "Bet the Company" Legal Mistakes [LL5] 0 Apr 2019 Steven Henderson ; Gregory Parsons NASCC
Best Practices for Model Review - An Update [T4] 0 Apr 2019 Andrew Gayer, SE, PE, LEED AP ; James Schwartz ; Brian Cobb, PE NASCC
Bracing Success with Delegated Connection Design [C2] 0 Apr 2019 Carol Drucker, SE, PE NASCC
Build Teamwork that Works to Win [P3] 0 Apr 2019 Dan Coughlin NASCC
Casting Away and Forging Ahead [C5] 0 Apr 2019 Jennifer Pazdon, PE, M.Sc.Eng ; David Poweleit NASCC
Challenges Encountered During Construction and Demolition [B20] 0 Apr 2019 Fady Kari, PE ; Lucas Morgan, PE ; Paul Biju-Duval, PhD ; Telmo Andr‚s S nchez, PhD NASCC,WSBS
Challenging and Unique Projects - Part 1 [B14] 0 Apr 2019 Soliman Khudeira, SE, PE, PhD ; Thomas Densford, PE NASCC,WSBS
Challenging and Unique Projects - Part 2 [B16] 0 Apr 2019 Johann Aakre, PE, SE ; Herbert Protin, PE NASCC,WSBS