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Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings

This webinar is intended for designers, fabricators, and erectors looking to improve project cost, schedule, and profitability through improved constructability.

Part 1: Constructability: A Primer. This session provides an overview of the key business drivers that make constructability a competitive advantage in today's highly-competitive market. The impact that constructability can have on project cost, schedule and profitability will be established.

Part 2: Constructability for Designers. Every building that is designed and constructed is custom, and each new site usually brings a new challenge that requires some sort of custom solution. This session will describe how constructability solves potential issues on the design side by expanding the decision matrix and how constructability prevents problems on the construction side by not only bringing together design disciplines, but also by inserting construction knowledge into the design process.

Part 3: Constructability for Fabricators. This session provides fabricators with a solid background on how to infuse constructability into the design process. When implemented, constructability can enhance the project through more accurate and cost-effective proposals based on complete and coordinated design documents. This, in turn, can improve the entire structural steel detailing and fabrication process through economical material procurement, timely shop drawing preparation, and conformance to standard shop fabrication processes and OSHA requirements.

Part 4: Constructability for Erectors. Many aspects of the on-site construction process can be improved with consideration of constructability during design. This session outlines constructability suggestions that can deliver better decision making, reduced costs, improved schedules and less conflict between the design and construction teams.

This course is based on a past NASCC session.   

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  • Date: 5/1/2010 - 10/20/2016
  • PDH Credits: 5


David I. Ruby, PE, SE, SECB, FASCE, E. Jay Ruby, PE, Chad L. Fox, PE, SE, Jeff Gasparott, PE, SECB, and John H. Matuska, PE


Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings - Part 1

Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings - Part 2

Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings - Part 3

Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings - Part 4