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Designing Castellated and Cellular Beams Using AISC Design Guide 31 [E6a]

This session provides a brief history of castellated and cellular beams and highlights recent innovative applications and potential economic benefits of their use. Differences between traditional beams related to failure mode will be highlighted. The current state of practice of the design of castellated and cellular beams will be presented along with an overview of the contents of the recently published AISC Design Guide 31, Design of Castellated and Cellular Beams.

This course is based on a past NASCC session.

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  • Date: 3/22/2017
  • PDH Credits: 1


David Dinehart, PhD; Sameer S. Fares, PE, SE, P.Eng; Jo4hn Coulson, PE


AISC Design Guide 31: Castellated and Cellular Beam Design