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Do Standardized, Symmetric Loading Protocols Accurately Predict the Performance of BRB under Real Earthquake Motions? [E25a]

Do standardized, symmetric loading protocols accurately predict the performance of BRB under real earthquake motions? This session will compare the results of cyclic tests of BRB, in accordance with the symmetrical requirements of the AISC prequalification protocol, to test results of BRB loaded with unsymmetric loading protocol that are more similar to what would be produced from a real earthquake. This research, in companion with recent analytical research on the ductility and strain demands on BRBs subjected to actual and simulated earthquake records, will be used together to consider the demands and resulting overstrength loads generated under loading that is more representative of real earthquake events. Areas where the AISC loading protocol may result in conservatism as well as areas of unconservatism will also be reviewed and recommendations will be given to practicing engineers that will help ensure good BRB performance under earthquake loading.
  • Date: 3/22/2017 - 3/24/2017
  • PDH Credits: 0


Brandt Saxey

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