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Finite element model based design rules for cold-formed steel storage-rack upright beam-columns

Cold-formed perforated uprights form the backbone of the storage racks most widely used for storage and warehouse systems. An improved finite element model for predicting local, distortional and global buckling of such cold-formed perforated storage rack upright beam-column sections has been developed. The improved model takes into account the semi-rigidity of the connections at the base and the beam-column connections as well which is generally ignored by practicing engineers for simplicity of the design process. The model has been calibrated with the experimental results available in the published literature and is capable of predicting buckling capacities subjected to uniaxial and biaxial moments. Using the finite element model, parametric studies have been conducted to validate linear and non-linear interaction frameworks based on the direct strength method for the design of cold-formed steel beam-columns. Based on the results of parametric studies simpler and designer friendly guidelines have been proposed, which can be easily implemented in the design process by practicing engineers.

Finite element model, cold-formed steel, storage racks, uprights, buckling

Learning Objectives:
What are the factors that introduce the semi-rigidity in the beam-column connections of storage racks?
  • Date: 3/23/2022 - 3/25/2022
  • PDH Credits: 0


Umeshkumar T. Mourya; Arul Jayachandran Sanjeevi

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