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Forgotten Workhorse: The Importance of QA/QC Steel Anchor Installation [R5]

Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of steel anchors in the design and construction of composite structures? The workhorse of today's efficient composite floor framing systems, steel anchors are critical elements of diaphragm force transfer mechanisms. They can also transfer steel-framing end reactions, large and small, to concrete elements of hybrid structures. This session will highlight steps that a leading steel fabricator, general contractor and structural engineer are taking to improve quality at the critical interface between steel and concrete. A background on basic shop and field stud anchor installation procedures will be covered, and potential improvements to code quality control and quality assurance measures will be discussed. Each presenter will bring their unique insight on this topic beginning at the design phase, through the fabrication process, and finally to the field. The session will conclude with a roundtable discussion where engineers, fabricators and erectors can share experiences and insights.
  • Date: 4/13/2016 - 4/15/2016
  • PDH Credits: 0


Chris Crosby; Margaret Hanley; Jake Thomas; Steve Knitter; Hollie Noveletsky

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