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Need a Bridge Fast? Better Call Steel! [B16]

If you're looking for versatility under tight time constraints, steel can come to the rescue!

We'll examine real-life projects that highlight what steel can do:

  • The NSBA Prize Bridge Award-winning Pfieffer Canyon Bridge saved the day when a mudslide destroyed an existing bridge, isolating a Big Sur community that had to bring food and fuel in via helicopter before the new bridge opened.
  • Accelerated bridge construction (ABC) techniques led to speedy fabrication and installation of the Keller Ferry Floating Terminal in Washington.
  • Temporary modular constructed trusses played a pivotal role in the Spiketon and San Poil Bridge Replacement projects in Washington.
Track: Students, Case Study, Constructability, Design Analysis, Erection, Steel Construction
  • Date: 4/15/2021
  • PDH Credits: 0


Neil Weller; Jason Wilcox; David Galarza; Amy Leland; Zach Reid

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