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Residual Stress and Imperfection Effects on Stability [S13]

Using Photogrammetry-Based Imperfection Measurement Tools to Determine the Impact of Corner Radii Imperfections on Cold-Formed Steel Member Strength Abbas Joorabchian and Kara D. Peterman, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA Geometric Imperfection Models in Shell Finite Element Models of CFS Members--A Review of Current State of Practice Shafee Farzanian, Arghavan Louhghalam and Mazdak Tootkaboni, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, MA; Benjamin W. Schafer, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Influence of Geometrical and Material Imperfections on the Stability and Resistance of I and H Sections Lucile Gerard, Caroline Arsenault and Nicolas Boissonnade, Universite Laval, Quebec City, QC, Canada; Markus Kettler, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria Modeling Out-of-Flatness and Residual Stresses in Steel Plate Girders Finite Element Models (FEMs) Mahdi Asadnia and Kim W.M. Roddis, The George Washington University, Washington, DC

Intended Audience: Engineers

  • Date: 4/11/2018 - 4/13/2018
  • PDH Credits: 0


Abbas Joorabchian; Shafee Farzanian, PhD; Lucile Gerard; Mahdi Asadnia

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