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Structural Stainless Steel for Corrosive Environments, Resilience, and Aesthetic Applications [Y10]

The need for high-performance materials in the built environment continues to grow--so much so that AISC is writing a new Structural Stainless Steel Standard for release in 2021. We'll examine case studies to review the many applications for structural stainless steel, including infrastructure and in highly corrosive industrial environments. We'll equip you with an understanding of how stainless steel's mechanical and physical properties and design rules for members and sections will compare with those of structural carbon steels and aluminum, with a focus on both corrosion performance and resilience in guidance about the different stainless steel alloy families and specific alloy selection for different service environments.
  • Date: 4/21/2020 - 4/24/2020
  • PDH Credits: 0


Catherine Houska; Nancy Baddoo

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