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What Will the Business of Steel Construction Look Like in 2030 [T6]

The needs of the Owner, the vision of the Architect and site specific requirements result in unique project-specific steel structures. Our challenge as an industry has and will continue to be the creation of an automated response to the boundless permutations that reside within the human imagination. Algorithmic and parametric solutions to project specific variables offer the best hope for reducing the man-hours required for design, modeling and the production of CNC data. Multiple vehicles and routes are under development for managing data. Advances in automation and robotics with adaptive controls will result in shop and field environments that are dramatically different than today. The purpose of this presentation is to offer a snap shot of how we may operate in 2030. What we will learn between 2013 and 2029 that will make these predictions appear to be uninspired or absurd in 2030, nobody knows for sure. We may want to operate on the assumption that the accuracy of any prediction may be influenced by the determination of the individuals offering the forecast.
  • Date: 4/18/2012 - 4/20/2012
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Bob Hazelton

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