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Why Can't Bolting Be More Simple--Like it Used to Be? [P3]

The changing requirements for engineering design using high-strength bolting have evolved thanks to practical invention, economy and research discoveries over the last 50 years. While rules provided in specifications give strong and apparent limitations, the application of our knowledge of physical behavior must accompany the use of these relationships to permit creative use of steel in design. This presentation gives a brief review of the pivotal changes in bolted connection design that have lead to the current connection requirements for connections with bolts in shear and bolts in tension. Several case studies involving aspects of design, fabrication and erection are presented to help to answer the question "Why can't it be simple like it used to be?"
  • Date: 4/1/2009 - 4/4/2009
  • PDH Credits: 0


Peter Birkemoe

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