Boston Bridge Upgrade
By Tom Quinlan, P.E. and Carl Goldknopf, P.E.
Replacing the superstructre and renovating the substructure of an historic retractile bridge saved one of the last examples of this rare bridge type.

Extended Platform
By Michael A. Lahti, P.E. and Felix G. Andrews, P.E.
An improvement to a LIRR platform at Penn Station in New York City required the removal of 11 columns

Practical Thermal Prestressing
By John M. Wathne, P.E.
Existing joists in an industrial building were successfully reinforced in part through the use of thermal prestressing while still under load.

Rebuilding a Landmark
By Mark B. Peterman, P.E.
An extensive reconstruction salvaged a beloved courthouse after it was devastated by fire.

Team Leader
By Scott Melnick
Neil Zundel's greatest accomplishment as president of AISC was fostering a closer relationship between fabricators, steel mills and other members of the construction community.