"Table Top Truss" Supports Arena Roof
By Lawrence G. Griffis, P.E.
The roof system for the new Reed Arena at Texas A&M University takes a skeletal form that works in perfect synergy with the architectural design and diverse functions of a modern multipurpose arena

12 1/2 Minutes with AISC's Engineering & Research Department

A Terminal for the New Millennium
By Paul Lew, Richard L. Tomasetti and Jay Prasad
Radial geometry, combined with simplified fabrication and erection techniques, created a strikingly beautiful and efficiently functional terminal while meeting budget and schedule constraints

Enhancing Steel Bridges
By Andy Johnson and Bill McEleney
A series of NSBA focus groups brings to light methods to improve the cost, speed and quality of steel bridges

Mechanical Fastening of Sheet Metal Deck
By Paul Jokiel

Off the Beam
By Scott Melnick

Paper Plant Opens In Record Time
By Kevin Mendenhall
It only took 18 months to design and build a new 620' x 109' facility

The Checks Behind the Decks
By Richard Heagler, P.E.