5 Times Square
By Marco J. Shmerykowsky, P.E.
The 5 Times Square tower is a 40-story high-rise building located at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street in the "Bow Tie" district of New York City's Times Square. The tower, which is approximately 565' tall, contains 1,000,000 rentable sq. ft. of office space and 100,000 sq. ft. of retail space.

Gateway to Newark
By Maher A. Sidani, P.E., and Bruce K. Riegel, P.E.
The New Jersey Department of Transportation's (NJDOT's) $250 million Route 21 viaduct replacement project in Newark involves a massive bridge crossing, a maze of tightly curved ramps and complex highway improvements on connecting routes.

Meet the Experts: Galvanizing
By Tom Langill and Kimberly Dunham, American Galvanizing Association
On October 9, 2001, Tom Langill, Technical Director for the American Galvanizing Association, and Kimberly Dunham, Marketing Manager for the American Galvanizing Association hosted an on-line chat with the structural steel community.

Ohio Stadium Press Box Towers Above the Rest
By Jack Krebs, P.E. and Ken Shanta, P.E.
Ohio State University opted to renovate and expand the existing 90,000-seat stadium to avoid the substantial cost (estimated between $300 to $400 million) of constructing a brand new football facility of comparable size.

Quality Certified Fabricator List
List of fabricators as of 12/2001.

Re-Decking the M. Harvey Taylor Bridge
By Roger B. Stanley, P.E., M.S.C.E.
Development of the rehabilitation design for this 50-year old bridge linking downtown Harrisburg, PA, with the outlying West Shore region was formulated to give the highest priority to maintenance and protection of traffic between the state capitol government complex in downtown Harrisburg and suburban communities across the Susquehanna River.