Fox Tower Rises Above Portland
By Clinton Ambrose, P.E.
The Fox Tower, a welcome addition to Portland's skyline, has turned out to be a huge success for the developer. Fast track construction of the Fox Tower involved intense coordination and planning by the design team, while allowing for inevitable change throughout the project and retaining its structural integrity.

Okoboji Lakes Bridge
By Kimball Olson and Dean Bierwagen
Aesthetics were an important factor in the replacement of this resort-area causeway bridge.

Raising The Hunley
By Perry L. Smith, P.E.
The H.L. Hunley, a Confederate States submarine used during the Civil War, mysteriously disappeared during the night of February 17, 1864, after it delivered an explosive charge to the union ship Housatonic. On August 8, 2000, this historical vessel was raised to the surface with the help of a 63' span steel truss.

Sydney Arena Wins GOLD Medal
By Carl Yaeger
The goal was to create a new benchmark in the design of accessible and "green" public assembly facilities. The result was the $200 million Sydney SuperDome, built for the games but destined to be a key element of Sydney's cultural fabric for decades to come.

To E or not to E?
Points to consider before joining the world of e-commerce