SteelWise: Chevron Bracing in Low-Rise Buildings
By Roberta Marstellar, Keith Mueller, Jason Ericksen and Christopher Hewitt
Estimating member sizes for chevron bracing in low-rise steel-framed construction is easier than ever with this handy design aid.

Design/Build for the Steel Fabricator/Erector
By John Frewen-Lord
Design/Build was once thought of as “flavor-of-the-month” phenomenon, but instead has grown until today it represents nearly 50 percent of all non-residential construction procurement, especially in large or complex commercial and institutional projects. The steel fabricator/erector entering the Design/Build arena must ensure that he talks the same language as the Design/Builder.

Missing Link
By Christopher M. Hewitt
AISC’s new Design Guide 15 is the industry's most complete reference on the rehabilitation and retrofit of steel structures.

Reviving Boardwalk Hall
By John H. Sassmann, AIA, Richard A. Esslinger, P.E., and Jared J. Loos, P.E.

Selecting and Specifying Steel Joists
By Wesley B. Myers, P.E.
An insider's guide to selecting and specifying K-series, LH, DLH-series joists and joist girders.

Skin Deep
By Michael E. Sheridan, P.E.

Steel Erection for the Walt Disney Concert Hall
By Patrick M. Hassett
The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, CA, which will seat 2500 people when finished in 2002, is yet another Gehry project that utilizes a “Catia” wire-frame computer model for steel geometry to define it’s wild slopes, twists, and curves.

Thickness Determination for Spray-Applied Fire Protection Materials
By John L. Ruddy and Socrates A. Ioannides
This NASCC paper addresses the method for determining the thickness of spray-applied fire resistive material based on the current prescriptive code approach.