Command Performance
By John Cross, P.E.
The experience of the Community Theatre of Terre Haute, IN is an excellent example of design-build principles being applied in a design-bid-build project.

Conceptual Estimating, Design-Build and the Steel Fabricator
By William Liddy and John Cross, P.E.
By mastering the concept of conceptual estimating, steel fabricators can form relationships with owners and developers in the earliest stages of a project.

Smooth Sailing
By William E. Junkin, P.E.
Miami's new Second Avenue drawbridge uses steel to meet the needs of 21st-century river and street traffic.

Steel on Track!
By David C. Monroe
A two-story addition to the Station Square Parking Structure in Pittsburgh, PA was completed in less than 100 days using a design-build approach.

Teamwork Works
By Robert Pyle chats with Chris Youngblood, P.E., and George Dilks
The design-build method of project delivery promises to benefit project costs, speed and quality. In practice, where does that leave the steel fabricator and the structural engineer? AISC Marketing’s southwest regional engineer, Robert (Bob) Pyle, chatted with Chris Youngblood, P.E., president of Chavez-Grieves Engineering and George Dilks, vice president of dtl’s Inc. to learn more.

The Art of Bending
By Chuck Ross
Architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) has become more popular as a design element, and structural steel fabricators have been turning to the metal-rolling houses to create the curvilinear steel elements now being specified in increasing quantities.