57 Tips for Reducing Connection Costs
By Victor Shneur, P.E.
A little planning goes a long way, especially with respect to steel connections. These helpful tips should help you keep bolts from driving you nuts, and welds from torching your temper.

Concrete Plank Producer Listing

Coordinated Construction
By John Cross, P.E.

Kingsbury on the Park
By Joseph Burns, P.E., S.E., A.I.A., Garret Browne, S.E. and Andrew Kern
This residential tower in Chicago features exposed steel balcony supports and concealed multi-story mega-braces for lateral force resistance.

Massachusetts Mid-Rise
By Brent R. Goldstein, P.E.
Creative use of steel framing permitted a tight site in Cambridge, MA to accommodate 315 apartments, 235 parking spaces, and on-site flood-water storage.

Real-Life Adventures in Staggered Truss Framing
By Rod Gervais with Tom Faraone, P.E.
Project engineer Rod Gervais shares his experience constructing a staggered truss project with AISC Regional Engineer Tom Faraone.

Staggered Truss Solution
By Beth S. Pollak
A luxury apartment building in White Plains, NY features staggered truss framing for flexibility and economy.

Wide-Open Spaces
By Brian H. Caudle, P.E.