Connecting HSS
By Donald R. Sherman
Making connections with HSS members is easier than you might think!

High-Tech High Rise
By William D. Bast, S.E., P.E., Jeffrey D. Brink, P.E., Kevin Doetzl, S.E., P.E., and Steven P. Shanks, E.I.T.
Steel was the solution for the challenging geometry of Chicago's first high-rise technology center.

Innovating with Steel
By Nandu K. Shah
Design-build and structural steel "bring good things to life" in this corporate learning center in Cincinnati.

Prescription for Parking
By James Sarka, P.E. and Roger O'Hara, P.E.
SmartBeams® were the smart solution for this steel parking structure in Vancouver, WA.

Quality Corner: Good Things Take Time
By Dan Kaufman, Kim Swiss, Heather Sedlak, and Craig Myers
AISC Quality Certification is a process that's worth the effort!

Specifying HSS
By Tabitha S. Stine, P.E.
Knowing the basics about HSS specifications will help you avoid mistakes and misunderstandings on your next HSS project. (73 KB)

SpecWise: Steel Structures - Not Just Buildings
By Richard M. Drake, P.E., S.E.
The scope statement of AISC's 2005 Specification for Structural Steel Buildings reflects that AISC's specification applies to more than just buildings.

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