Coordinated Construction
By Bakul Desai, P.E. and Frank Blakemore, P.E.
Teamwork kept traffic flowing during steel erection for the reconstruction of this ailing 1960s interchange.

Learning from a Structural Failure
By Spencer Erling
An inside look at the contributing factors to a South African structural collapse due to weld failure.

Quality Corner: Documented Procedures Make Projects Better
By Dan Kaufman
Documented procedures help AISC Certified Fabricators build quality into their projects.

RFI Recommendations
By William Andrews, S.E.
The 2005 AISC Code of Standard Practice for Structural Steel Buildings is the first to address RFIs and how they should be used.

SpecWise: Design for Fire Resistance
By Bruce R. Ellingwood
The 2005 specification contains a new appendix that provides guidelines governing structural design for fire conditions.

SpecWise: Don't Stress Out
By James M. Fisher, Ph.D., P.E.
Allowable stress equations can be readily obtained in the 2005 specification with minor modifications to the strength equations.

Steel and Stone
By Sarah Buttars and Steven G. Judd, S.E.
Shop-fabricated steel frames with shop-attached granite facing restore an intricate stone façade in Manhattan.

Steel Joist Products

Steel Profiles: Clarkson Pinkham
With nearly 60 years in the profession, "Pinky" has spent a lifetime sharing his structural engineering expertise with others in the field.