Built to Last
By William Andrews S.E., Rafael Sabelli S.E., & Gon Ng P.E.
The Kirsch Center at DeAnza Community College stands as an eco-friendly example of how sustainability and structural steel go hand-in-hand.

Cowboy Corral
By Dylan S. Richard P.E.

Curing the Common Condominium
By Matthew H. Johnson PE & Peter M. Babaian PE
Extensive coordination within the design and construction team produced this progressive condominium project in Boston.

High Performance
By Kurt D. Swensson PH.D., P.E.
Structural steel roof trusses helped solve an acoustical dilemma for the new home of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.

Mix and Match: Employee ID Regulations May Be Cleaned-Up
By Mauritia G. Kamer

Quality Corner: A Standard is Born
By Bobbi Marstellar, P.E.

Steel Joist Listing

SteelWise: Office Space
By Erika Winters Downey

Super Models
By Luke Faulkner