Center of Attention
By Thomas R. Tyson, P.E., S.E., Lyn B. Busby, and Collin M. Cook, P.E.
All roads lead to the Ave Maria Oratory, a landmark place of worship that unites traditional architectural forms with modern materials and methods.

Bending around (Sprint) Center
By David Landis, P.E., and George Wendt
More than 700 tons of curved steel shapes Kansas City's Sprint Center.

Branching Out
By Terri Meyer Boake
Hollow Steel castings help bring an exposed structural steel "tree" to life on a Canadian university campus.

Reading Materials
By Patricia Rhee
A new library in L.A. with an attractive, open plan lets readers check out more than just books.

Express Yourself
By Dan Heemstra
Thin-film intumescent fire-protective materials provide designers with increased aesthetic flexibility when it comes to exposed steel.

Managing the Roller Coaster
By Tabitha S. Stine, P.E., LEED AP
Material volatility can turn a construction project into a bumpy ride, but a through understanding of HSS can help smooth things out.

What is Value-Added Selling?
By Tom Reilly Annual meeting preview.

The Hole Story
By Jacinda L. Collins, P.E.
What part do you play in the continuing saga of bolted connections?

New Ways to Achieve Quality and Improvement
By Brian W. Miller
AISC Certification adopts a team approach.

Creativity in the Workplace
By Tim Tokarczyk, Jake Appelman, and Vanessa Winzenburg
Encouraging creativity in the workplace can do great things for productivity, not to mention morale.

Convenient Connections
By Carlos De Oliveira and Tabitha S. Stine, P.E., LEED AP
Cast connections provide an efficient and attractive connection alternative for exposed hollow sections.

A Conversation with a Bender
Bender-rollers are very secretive when it comes to their processes, but they're very open about the benefits of bending steel.

Full Potential
By Mark D. Webster, SECB, LEED AP
The steel industry has plenty of opportunities to be the most it can be from a sustainability standpoint.