The Journal Goes E
By Keith Grubb, P.E., S.E.
A few words about AISC's Engineering Journal and the debut of its online edition.

Expansion is Cut to Fit
By Matthew Gomez, P.E., S.E.
Getting a head start on the cooperative effort pays off for the Seton Women's Center.

Growing an Office on the Plains
By Michael Hemstad, P.E., S.E.
An urgent need for larger facilities was quickly met, thanks to flexibility, cooperation, and the selection of steel framing.

On a Beautiful Tilt
By Robert B. Anderson, P.E., Mike Guter, P.E., and Victor Judnic, P.E.
Featuring asymmetry in two major planes, Michigan's first cable-stayed bridge was a challenge in both design and construction.

Learning the Art & Science of Steel Detailing
By Ron Cuthbert
The next big thing to years of experience is a solid course that covers the fundamentals.

Real-Life Lessons
By Thomas L. Klemens, P.E.
Students who participate in the student steel bridge competition learn far more than structural analysis and design.

Horizontal Bracing
By Bo Dowswell, P.E., Allen Brice and Brian Blain
An overview of lateral load resisting systems and how to implement them.

Streamlining the Certification Process
By Todd Alwood, LEED AP
New requirements will simplify the overall process for AISC Certification.

The Fabrication Factor
By Geoff Weisenberger
The fabrication shop is important in determining not only the cost of a structural steel package, but its environmental impact as well.

Construction Contracts for Subcontractors - Are You Covered?
By Ron Thompson
When you clearly understand what you're being asked to sign, you may want to go for better terms.

It's a Steel-ebration, Part 1
By Ross Allbritton and Walt Primer
How to get the most out of hosting a SteelDay event in 2010.

A Better Way
By David Crow
Perhaps gearing up with new tools can enhance your steel detailing productivity.