A Breathtaking Prelude
By Mitch Gehringer
Kansas City's new performing arts center is a showcase of outstanding steel-framed structures.

By God's Grace
By Anindya Dutta, S.E., Ph.D. and John D. Meyer, S.E.
Curved steel provides the non-traditional framework for a tradition-laden dome.

A Texan Extreme Makeover
By Jeffrey S. Koke, P.E.
Three stunning structures combine to anchor the new Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

What Would Jefferson Do?
By Seth Rogge, P.E.
Adding modern-day analysis to a classical design yields a light and airy atrium.

A Structure That Teaches
By Liz Rehwoldt and Zack Stutts
Instrumentation in Marquette University's new engineering building will give students a real-world look at concepts in action.

Trading Up
By Steve Narkiewicz, P.E.
Using steel for replacement bridges to yield cost savings and environmental benefits.

Doing the Twist
By Tom Klemens
Three things you should get straight about curved steel.

Working With Single-Angle Members
By Amanuel Gebremeskel, P.E.
The inherent eccentricities of this popular shape requite the engineer's attention and understanding.

AISC Certification - Qualified Random Audits
By Dan Kaufman
Qualified random audits will strengthen the AISC Certification program, benefiting certified companies and the entire construction industry.

Immigration and Employee Qualification Requirements
By Ryan R. Loghry
The unauthorized alien debate continues...but not for contractors.

How Average Are You?
By Tom Klemens
The recent MSC reader survey showed interesting trends in the information gathering process that may reflect your reading habits, too.