Science on Display
By Mark Kanonik, P.E., and Elizabeth Chrestler
Steel framing facilitates combining historical style with contemporary functionality in Union College's new Peter Irving Wold Science and Engineering Center.

Connecting the Campus With Steel
By Norm Aidun, LEED AP, and Jason Edsall
A congested site and a need for unification set up the perfect challenges now being met by a new steel-framed building at Cornell University.

A Roof That's Ready for Takeoff
By Curtis L. Mayes, P.E.
Erecting and launching five huge truss structures one after the other enabled the use of a single set of falsework.

Modern Design of a Historical Bridge Type
By Doug Waltemath, P.E., and Steve Pellegrino, P.E.
Designers of the Veterans Memorial Bridge chose a classic truss look to upgrade this Missouri River crossing.

Sliding Bridge Speeds Delivery
By Steve Haines, P.E., and Chip Jones, P.E.
Completely removing and replacing the bridge carrying westbound I-44 over the Gasconade River required a closure of less than 20 days.

One Question/Three Answers- Bridges: Innovation
By M. Myint Lwin, Malcom Thomas Kerley, P.E., and Ray McCabe
Some important questions have complex answers and benefit from reflection and discussion. In this series designed to reflect that understanding, NSBA asks leading minds in the bridge community to weigh in on some of life's imponderables.

Sacramento's I Street Bridge: Completing the Westward Expansion
By Howard Payne, P.E., and Jim Talbot
This double-deck rail and auto bridge is completing its first century of service spanning one of the last major rivers before reaching the Pacific.

Growth, What Growth?
By John Cross, P.E., LEED AP

A number of interrelated factors have kept GDP growth low, stifling any resurgence in design and construction.

Steel Plate Availability for Highway Bridges
By Christopher Garrell, P.E., LEED AP
An overview of plate sizes commonly produced by domestic mills.

What's Your Engine's Temperature?
By Lee Patza
Using QC data to gauge how hot your operation is running is far better than waiting for the idiot light to come on.

A Master Craftsman
Bridge Engineer Ted Zoli creates structural beauty and efficiency in both construction and performance.