Braced for the Future
By Ibbi Almufti, S.E., Bob Hazleton and Kristy Davis
Architectural vision and high seismic demands culminate in architecturally expressed megabraces for the most resilient skyscraper on the West Coast.

Green Connection
By Randall Herbstman, S.E.
A modern greenhouse links old and new construction on an urban college campus.

Games of Steel
By Will Pickering
A SteelDay event showcases the construction of steel buildings with a display of ironworker skills.

What Your Fabricator Wishes You Knew About HSS Connections
By Kim Olson, P.E.
Make your HSS designs more economical by taking the right steps.

Simplifying Tricky Connections
By Logan Callele, P.Eng.
Handle challenging connections with these helpful tips.

Industrial Buildings and Nonbuilding Structures: Design Challenges
By Krunal K. Patel, S.E., P.E., John A. Rolfes, S.E., P.E., James L. Ryan and William N. Scott, S.E., P.E.
A look at some of the issues involved with steel-framed industrial structures and how to overcome them.

2016 NASCC: The Steel Conference Exhibitor List
Peruse the full list of this year’s exhibitors and discover how they can help enhance your next steel project.

Make Networking Work for You 
By Anne Scarlett
A robust and focused networking strategy is one of the oldest and most effective ways to demonstrate your value to potential clients.