Architecture as Art
By Shinjinee Pathak, PE, and Victoria G. Ponce de Leon, PE
Exposed steel elements become part of the exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

A Grove of Steel Trees
By Brooks Middleton
Weathering steel is a modern, sustainable alternative to wood in a Pacific Northwest project that harkens back to early Native American design sensibilities.

Preferred Parking
By Jason D. Robinson, PE
A new ramp brings parking relief to downtown Morgantown.

Rethinking Multifamily Residential
By Nissim Elmann, Ali Maher, PE, and Neil Wexler, PE, PhD
Braced staggered steel trusses provide a superior solution for a new residential tower in Connecticut.

Intercontinental Cooperation
By Selçuk Avcı
Transportable steel elements are the long-span, long-distance solution for a new conference facility near the Congo River.

Have you Heard?
By Donald J. Garvey
Implementing effective hearing-conservation training in structural steel fabrication starts with listening to your workers.

A Fluid Solution
By Paul Nutcher
A new shop-applied thermal break coating gives owners an option for increasing the energy efficiency of their buildings.

Standing Tall
This year’s Steel Design Student Competition challenged students to design onward and upward, with a focus on tall buildings.

What’s New in the Spec? 
By Sam Baer and Matthew Troemner
New HSS standards and changes to slender elements, shear strength, angles, connections, advanced analysis and fire design are just a few of the updates in the 2016 AISC Specification.

Achieving Success One Mistake at a Time 
By Michael Howell, SE, PE
The best engineers are the ones that make mistakes—and learn from them.