Engineering an Experience
By Rebecca Laberenne, PE, Ben Rosenberg, PE, and Erich Oswald, PE
At the brand-new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, the building itself is a striking and enduring part of the exhibit.

Tight Coverage
By Joelle Nelson, PE, and Thomas Duffy, PE
The new home of the Minnesota Vikings ushers in a new age of NFL stadiums with its steel-supported ETFE roof and giant operable wall panels.

Mix and Match
By Amit Mavalankar, PE, James J. Bonanno, PE, and Stephen V. DeSimone, PE
A new mixed-use development is boosting one of New York’s most prominent business districts while working to blend in with its existing neighbors.

On the Fast Track
By Ben Neal
How to plan and prepare for what-ifs when constructing a rapid-replacement rail bridge.

What’s New with Prequalified Connections? 
By Michael D. Engelhardt, PhD, and Margaret A. Matthew, PE
A look at the latest version of AISC 358.

Millennial Mindset 
By Anne Scarlett
Adopting a millennial mindset—or at least understanding it—is the key to selling to this new generation of buyers.