26   Homage to Omaha
By John M. Savage, SE, PE 
One of the world’s largest general contractors reaffirms its commitment to its hometown with a new HQ that incorporates some clever cantilevers and trusses.

32   Bridge to the Future
By Kevin Bird
A new signature bridge named for a famed abolitionist replaces an undersized crossing at a high-profile section of the Anacostia River.

38   Biophilic Steel
By John Jucha, SE, and Julie Wanzer
Structural steel trees support an addition to the Denver Botanic Gardens while blending in with their natural surroundings.

44   Super-Trusses to the Rescue!
By Scott A. Collins, SE, PE
A ship-in-a-bottle structural renovation demonstrates how industrial facilities can be successfully modified for new use.

50   Lay of the Land
By John R. Kintz, PE, and Brian D. Merrill, PE
Recognizing and accommodating field constraints in bridge design.

54   Solving Skew
By Muna Mitchell, PE, Akshay Parchure, PE, and Krishna Singaraju
Continuous plate steel girders address skew challenges on two new I-35 bridges over a railroad track in Laredo, Texas.



16   Welded Connection Basics
By Richard M. Drake, SE, Jennifer A. Memmott, PE, and Mohammed Bala, PE
Welding is a fairly straightforward concept in theory. But in practice, there are a lot of nuances, and understanding them can result in better welding design.

Data Driven
20   State by State
By Joe Dardis
Construction starts are expected to increase this year, though the situation varies on a state-by-state basis.

Field Notes
22   Wise Welder
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
To Mary Jo Emrick, welding is an art, a science, an opportunity, and a lifelong skill that she is teaching to the next generation.

Business Issues
24   Push and Pull
By Derrick Fitton and Justin Jensen
Implementing an internal resource management system to “pull” rather than “push” work through your shop will result in better shop efficiency and fewer headaches.