27   What’s Cool in Steel
Every year, Modern Steel presents a compendium of fun projects—typically smaller or more sculptural and sometimes temporary—showcasing the cool use of steel.

40   Learning from Disaster
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
A new book from an AISC Lifetime Achievement Award winner explores disasters and how they can influence improved resiliency in structures.

Need for Speed
42   Moving at the Speed of Steel
At varying scales and every step along the way, speed-related improvements to the steel design and construction process are combining forces to help bring steel projects together faster than ever, now and in the future.

Need for Speed
110   You are on the Fastest Route
By Chris Garrell, PE
If you’re feeling the need for speedy bridges, NSBA has some new and soon-to-be-released resources that can help you accelerate your next bridge project.

Need for Speed
112   Increasing Speed through Research
By Devin Huber, PE, PhD
Research is a crucial component of accelerating steel projects—and AISC has several projects that are geared toward speeding up multiple links in the steel supply chain.



17   Shaking Up the Approach to Nonlinear Analysis
By John D. Hooper, SE, PE
A new appendix to the AISC Seismic Provisions provides clarity on nonlinear analysis for steel structures in high-seismic areas.

Data Driven
20   Barometric Readings
By Joe Dardis
AISC’s latest Business Barometer indicates a strong rebound from the early days of COVID but apprehension about the coming years.

Field Notes
22   Unconventional Wisdom
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Ron Klemencic’s habit of questioning the answers has led him to play an integral role in developing the revolutionary SpeedCore high-rise core wall system.