26   What’s Cool in Steel
Every year, Modern Steel compiles several captivating developments that showcase structural steel’s versatility.

50   All Hands On Deck
By Patrick Engel
Industry collaboration and steel’s reparability help the steel business deliver in emergency bridge repair situations.

54   Sounding Off
By Patrick Engel
Fabricators weigh in on important industry topics, from AI to the value of collaborating with engineers.


16   The End-All, Be-All for End-Plate Moment Connections
By Matthew R. Eatherton, SE, PE, PhD and Thomas M. Murray, PE, PhD
AISC’s new Design Guide 39 builds on two previous guides to provide a comprehensive resource on end-plate moment connections.

Field Notes
20   Multidimensional
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Georgia Tech professor and bridge expert Ryan Sherman has focused his recent research on 3D printing and its potential impact on steel construction.

Business Issues
24   Building Your Future Leaders
By Christian Crosby, PE
Strong mentoring programs have long-term benefits, because we’re all in the people business.