28   Shifting Gears
By Kevin Reynolds, PE, and Alex Font, PE
Bike right up to your workspace in this steel-framed office building with six stories of exterior cycling ramps.

36   Save a Bundle with Tub Girders
By Guy Nelson, SE, PE
Press-brake-formed tub girders make it possible for state DOTs to implement bridge bundling programs that do more with less.

42   Innovation on the Fly
By Juan Valenzuela, PE, and Edward Severino, PE
A curved flyover bridge in central Florida required a quick redesign, opening the door for a steel option that eventually exceeded state and public expectations.

50   Joining Forces
By John Cross, PE, and Emily B. Lorenz, PE
Steel and concrete bridge champions collaborate to develop thorough bridge life-cycle assessments and lower embodied carbon material procurement requirements.

54   Intersecting Welds in Bridges--Myth or Monster?
By Domenic Coletti, PE
FHWA and NSBA guidance dispels longstanding notions about welding details and their susceptibility to constraint-induced fracture.

56   Making Connections
By Patrick Engel
AISC’s 14th annual celebration of steel has outgrown one day and is now a weeklong event known as SteelDays.


16   Steel Plate Availability for Highway Bridges
By Christopher Garrell, PE, and Travis Hopper, PE
NSBA experts provide an overview of plate sizes commonly produced by domestic mills.

Data Driven
20   The Big Picture
By Brian Raff
When it comes to the overall economy and the steel industry in particular, it’s rarely all good or all bad news. The truth is always somewhere in between.

Field Notes
24   A Bridge Lifer
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Frank Russo has spent more than two decades in bridge design, rehabilitation, and construction. Now he’s two years into his greatest challenge yet: starting and running his own company.

Business Issues
26   Put People First
By Dan Coughlin
A good business constantly acknowledges that its employees and customers are human beings first, not merely robots with a task.