26   Steel Sphere
By Steve Reichwein, SE, PE, Cawsie Jijina, PE, and Carlos de Oliveira, PEng
The Sphere at the Venetian Resort is set to become the globe’s premier indoor entertainment venue, and its steel exoskeleton is already supporting the venue’s jaw-dropping exterior visuals.

38   Moving on Up...On the West Side
By Sam Barrett and Barry Charnish, PEng
Uncovering old steel and expanding upward with new steel helped revitalize a tired commercial building on Manhattan’s West Side.

44   Crucial Canyon Crossing
By John Quincy, PE
A new steel bridge serves as a gateway over a steep canyon for the residents of a new planned community in a remote portion of the San Fernando Valley.

50   The Transformative Power of Hands-On Learning
By Ryan Manuel and Jason Merchant
Purdue University is making a push to enhance its steel construction education through industry partnerships.

54   Faculty-led Fun
By Maria Mnookin
Steel-related field trips provide students—whether traditional or life-long learners—not just educational opportunities but also memorable experiences.

58   A Portal to Learning
By Beth Pedota
Step into a new world of steel knowledge via AISC’s Learning Portal!


16   Drop It in the Slot
By Bo Dowswell, PE, PhD, and Carlo Lini, SE, PE
Following these tips on slotted HSS brace design can help ease their erection in the field.

Data Driven
20   Insight via Indicators
By Brian Raff
Keeping an eye on the right economic indicators helps AISC gain a better understanding of the projected construction market—and it can help you too.

Field Notes
22   Learning to Lead
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Ruby+Associates’ president and CEO Tricia Ruby didn’t expect to work for the firm her father started—but now she runs it, complementing its engineering expertise with her business and leadership know-how.

Business Issues
24   Reviewing the Action
By Jake Mazulewicz, PhD
Want to build your team’s trust—and expertise? Consider after-action reviews.