Steel Shots: Four at the Fore

The first tower to open at the original World Trade Center site, 4WTC maximizes its space and views with creative column construction. (Photo: Joe Woolhead)

For the past several years, the World Trade Center site has been gradually rebuilding, structure by structure.

The fundamental design approach to 4 World Trade Center (4WTC), the first tower to open, was twofold: Create a strong and efficient structure to enable an appropriately quiet and dignified presence, and activate and enlighten the immediate urban environment in a high-profile setting.

The 72-story, 977-ft-tall, $1.2 billion building has 2.3 million sq. ft of above-grade space, 1.9 million sq. ft of which is office space. Floors 15 through 54 feature a 44,000-sq.-ft typical floor plate in the shape of a parallelogram. Floors 57 to 72 are trapezoidal in shape and open toward the southern tip of Manhattan, triangulating from the lower floors to gently bring focus down to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.

Go inside the 4WTC project in our current April issue of MSC. For more on two other World Trade Center site projects - 1WTC and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum - see the articles “Rising to the Top” (02/2014) and “Trident True” (01/2014).

(Photo at right: Courtesy of LERA)