SEAA survey cites hiring as the greatest current business challenge

The Steel Erectors Association of America (SEAA) surveyed its members in January to find out which business challenges they face, and a large majority indicated that their biggest challenge is hiring issues. Of the 40% of respondents who cited hiring as the biggest challenge, 37% of them believe hiring will continue to present a problem over the next three years. 

The second most-cited challenge in the survey is business growth, which ties in closely with hiring issues due to the inability to hire enough people with the necessary skills. SEAA members also pointed to craft training to support new and existing personnel as a present concern that they expect will improve by 2024. 

In a press release about the survey results, SEAA president Geoff Kress described the measures SEAA is taking to help mitigate these business challenges, especially craft training.

“SEAA has successfully been growing its Ironworker Craft Training program over the last eight years. We currently have nearly 30 members participating in the program with more joining all the time,” Kress said. He added that SEAA will continue to maintain its job board, which is free to members and available for everyone, as well as explore additional resources to support members who are experiencing hiring challenges. 

Read more about the results of this survey on SEAA’s website.