AISC Education Foundation Awards $211,000 in Scholarships

The AISC Education Foundation is helping 48 students pursue their dreams of attending colleges and universities across the country for the 2023-2024 academic year, awarding more than $211,000 in scholarships.

These scholarships support juniors, seniors, and master’s-level students in civil engineering, architectural engineering, construction engineering, construction management, and architecture programs in the U.S. You can learn more about the AISC Education Foundation and how to help us support students and educators at

"College is hard work," said Tyler McFarren, a master’s student at Case Western Reserve University and a 2023-2024 scholarship recipient. "With your support, I feel more comfortable focusing on the coursework this year!"

"Scholarships are one of the primary ways the AISC Education Foundation supports the next generation of leaders, and I’m thrilled that we can make a difference in these students’ lives," said AISC Director of Foundation Programs Maria Mnookin. "This year, we’re particularly excited to partner with the Virginia Carolinas Structural Steel Fabricators Association to offer new scholarships. We’ve also awarded the inaugural Steven J. Fenves Scholarship, which we’ll be highlighting later this year."

The AISC Education Foundation would like to thank this year’s scholarship jurors for their time and dedication:

  • Benjamin Baer, Sheffee Lulkin & Associates, Inc.
  • Ezra Arif Edwin, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
  • Jeanne Homer, American Institute of Steel Construction
  • Luke Johnson, Nucor
  • Matt Streid, Magnusson Klemencic Associates
  • Jacquelyn Wong, California Department of Transportation

The following students will receive AISC scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year:

AISC Education Foundation Scholarships

  • Ivan Alvarez, University of California, Berkeley, Master's, $5,000
  • Logan Arrasmith, University of Arizona, Master's, $5,000
  • Rafael Avila (Steven J. Fenves Scholarship), Georgia Tech, Senior, $5,000
  • Brianna Banks-McLean, University of California, Berkeley, Master's, $5,000
  • Adam Bartlett, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Master’s, $2,500
  • Rebecca Bauman, University of California, San Diego, Senior, $5,000
  • Isabella Bernard, The Catholic University of America, Senior, $2,500
  • Colette Burd, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, Junior, $5,000
  • Mariano Casciotti, Marywood University, Senior, $2,500
  • Emma Conroy, Stanford University, Master's, $2,500
  • Ana Contreras, Georgia Tech, Senior, $5,000
  • Andrew DeLuca, Cornell University, Master's, $5,000
  • Nicholas Divilbiss (Fred R. Havens Scholarship), Kansas State University, Senior, $5,000
  • Bailey Downing, University of Arkansas, Master's, $2,500
  • Ryan Hamman, University of Arizona, Master’s, $5,000
  • Noah Kartagener, University of Florida, Senior, $5,000
  • Tracy Kinzer, Penn State - Harrisburg, Senior, $5,000
  • Tyler Kleinsasser, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Master's, $5,000
  • Elizabeth Lacey, Georgia Tech, Master's, $5,000
  • Sydney Lough, University of Kentucky, Master's, $5,000
  • Tyler McFarren, Case Western Reserve University, Master’s, $2,500
  • Thomas Pastell (Cohen Seglias Scholarship), Michigan Technological University, Master's, $5,000
  • Paul Quinn, University of Michigan, Junior, $5,000
  • Mark Redden, Penn State, Master's, $2,500
  • Emma Robert, Villanova University, Senior, $5,000
  • George Saphir (Cohen Seglias Scholarship), University of Arizona, Master’s, $5,000
  • Ian Self, Penn State, Master’s, $5,000
  • Alec Spano, North Carolina State University, Senior, $5,000
  • Noah Struck, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, Master's, $5,000
  • Margaret Tolan, Manhattan College, Master's, $5,000
  • Joshua Trimm (W&W | AFCO Steel Scholarship), Texas A&M University Kingsville, Senior, $5,000
  • Macy Vincent, Oregon State University, Junior, $5,000

AISC/Associated Steel Erectors of Chicago Scholarships

  • Mitch Hutmacher, Purdue University, Senior, $5,000
  • Mohammed Inani, University of Illinois at Chicago, Master's, $5,000
  • Caleb Metcalf, Purdue University, Master's, $5,000
  • Michelle Mo, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Master's, $5,000
  • Eliza Mount, Purdue University, Master’s, $5,000
  • Lauren Schissler, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Master’s, $5,000
  • Joseph Shamaon, Illinois Institute of Technology, Senior, $5,000
  • Elizabeth Sirkman, Illinois Institute of Technology, Master's, $5,000
  • Frank Ziccardi, University of Notre Dame, Master's, $5,000

AISC/Rocky Mountain Steel Construction Association Scholarships

  • Derrick Poss, Colorado School of Mines, Master's, $3,000
  • Jeremiah Vaille, Colorado School of Mines, Senior, $3,000

AISC/Southern Association of Steel Fabricators Scholarships

  • Joshua Gargan, Georgia Tech, Senior, $2,500
  • Cheyenne Wimsatt, University of Louisville, Senior, $2,500

AISC/Ohio Steel Association Scholarship

  • Hailey DeGeorge, Case Western Reserve University, Master's, $2,500

AISC/Virginia Carolinas Structural Steel Fabricators Association Scholarships

  • Thomas Morrison, The Citadel, Senior, $5,000
  • Rick Wohlrab, Virginia Tech, Senior, $5,000