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The following is a list of all research projects AISC is involved in. Click on the title of each column to sort it and click on any title to learn more about that project.

* denotes a Milek Fellowship Award project

Report Title Primary Investigator(s) Institution Year AISC Report No.
Finite Element Analysis of Two-Tension Bolt Flush End-Plate Connections Anant R. Kukreti and Thomas M. Murray University of Oklahoma 1984 1054
A Study of Welded Bracket to Web Connections of Rolled I-Sections with Low Web Slenderness Ratios Bruce E. Hopper Clarkson College of Technology 1983 1055
Load and Resistance Factor Design of Steel Structures for Fatigue Charles S. Nolan and Pedro Albrecht University of Maryland 1983 1035
The Effect of Repair Welds on Service Performance G. Slater The Welding Institute 1983 1032
Column Web and Flange Strength at End-Plate Connections Thomas M. Murray University of Oklahoma 1983 1247
Stress, Strain and Force Distributions in Gusset Plate Connections Ralph M. Richard University of Arizona 1983 1401
Strength and Behavior of Connection Elements Reidar Bjorhovde University of Arizona 1983 1400
Design of Single Plate Framing Connections with A307 Bolts Ralph M. Richard University of Arizona 1982 990
Examination of Resistance Factor for Load and Resistance Factor Design Criteria Hasun Jeong Pennsylvania State University 1981 1045
Structural Tests of Large Pin-Connected Links G.T. Blake US Steel Research 1981 1033
Analytical Study of Panel Zone Behavior in Beam-Column Connections Ralph M. Richard and David R. Pettijohn University of Arizona 1981 1000
Tests of Bolted Shear Web Connections Bert G. Shelton and Joseph A. Yura University of Texas, Austin 1981 989
Post Elastic Analysis of a Web Connection in Direct Tension Subash C. Anand Clemson University 1980 1122
The Behavior and Analysis of Double Row Bolted Shear Web Connections J.M. Ricles and J.A. Yura University of Texas, Austin 1980 973
Beam Web Connections with Coped Top Flanges Harrison J. Wilson University of Toronto 1980 3256