Structural Fire Engineering and Design of Filled Composite Plate Shear Walls (SpeedCore)

  • Primary Investigator(s): Ataollah Taghipour Anvari, Saahastaranshu Bhardwaj, Preshit Wazalwa, Amit Varma
  • Institution: Purdue University
  • Year Completed: 2020

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This research was done in collaboration with the Charles Pankow Foundation and the Steel Institute of New York (SINY).  Further details of the project can be found on the Charles Pankow website

Webinar Video Series 

A series of seven webinar videos created by the authors of this project are also available for viewing below. These videos provide a walkthrough summary of the Final Report and key findings of this research project.



Video List

Module 0: Intro & Background

Module 1: Experimental Studies

Module 2: Numerical - Benchmarking

Module 3: Parametric Study

Module 4: Composite Columns

Module 5: Vent Holes

Module 6: Conclusions