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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Winning IDEAS in steel-framed building design: Part 1 [CS8] 0 Mar 2017 Robert Pallmann; Erich Oswald; David Smith NASCC
Winning IDEAS in steel-framed building design: Part 2 [CS9] 0 Mar 2017 Daniel Wang, SE; Bryan Seamer; S.G. Richard Liu, PE; Paul Bielamowicz, AIA NASCC
What's New with the NISD? Individual Detailer Certification and other Programs, Webinars on Pertinent Topics, BIM Certification and More [D1] 0 Mar 2017 Fred Tinker NASCC
Quality Procedures in Detailing Offices [D2] 0 Mar 2017 David Merrifield NASCC
Load Paths--There is Not Always a Yellow Brick Road [E10a] 0 Mar 2017 Scott Roche NASCC
Building Design--The Intelligent Approach [E11a] 0 Mar 2017 James Fisher NASCC
Steel Castings in Architecture -- Do You Know How to Design Them? [E14a] 1.5 Mar 2017 Raymond Monroe; Carlos de Oliveira, M.A.Sc., P.Eng; Tom Meyer, PE, SE NASCC
Design of Steel Framed Parking Garages [E19a] 0 Mar 2017 Alan Simon; Jerry Marcus NASCC
Steel Quiz Live [E23] 0 Mar 2017 Carlo Lini; Larry Muir NASCC
Steel Cable Assembly Systems: What the Fabricator, Erector and EOR Need to Know [E24a] 0 Mar 2017 Igor Siotor NASCC