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The AISC Education Archives contains a collection of recorded webinars, conference proceedings and articles that can be accessed at any time.

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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Sustainability Update - What's New for 2014 [N80] 0 Mar 2014 John Cross NASCC
Modular Construction, Part 1 [P3] 0 Mar 2014 Larry Doyon; Mark Taylor; R.J. Reed; Ian Atkins; Laurie Robert NASCC
Stability of Thin-Walled Members, Part 2 [S4] 0 Mar 2014 Peter Birkemoe NASCC
Stability of Joists and Truss Systems [S5] 0 Mar 2014 Donald W. White NASCC
Measurement and Impact of Imperfections on Member Stability [S7] 0 Mar 2014 Dinar Camotim NASCC
Structural Engineer and AISC: Removing the reasons why not to share the BIM! [T2] 0 Mar 2014 Sean Smith; Will Ikerd; Brian Volpe NASCC
EPIC -- Deep Space - Design to be Constructed FAST TRACK [T3] 0 Mar 2014 Brian Volpe; Larry Kloiber; Joel Sell NASCC
Structural Steel Fabrication Drawings - A Paradigm Shift [T5] 0 Mar 2014 Doug Fitzpatrick NASCC
BIM: A Cost vs. Benefit Study for the Detailer and Fabricator [T6] 0 Mar 2014 David Merrifield; Joel Hicks NASCC
Expanded Use of Laser Scanning in Structural Steel [T7] 0 Mar 2014 Will Ikerd; Alan Sanoja NASCC