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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Post-Buckling Behavior of Cold-Formed Steel Lipped Channel Columns [S10-1] 0 Apr 2008 P. B. Dinis D. Camotim NASCC
Wind Versus Seismic - Which Controls? [X5] 0 Apr 2008 Lawrence Griffis NASCC
The Wal-Mart Effect and Your Business [D2-E2-F2-R2] 0 Apr 2009 Robert van Arsdall NASCC
How to Get Rich in Detailing [D6] 0 Apr 2009 Donald Duncan; Hugh Dobie NASCC
Value Added Selling: Competing Against Overseas Detailers [D7] 0 Apr 2009 Robert Schoen NASCC
2010 T.R. Higgins Award Lecture: The AISC Seismic Design Provisions: Past; Present and Future 1.5 May 2010 James Malley, SE NASCC
Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings 5 May 2010 David I. Ruby, PE, SE, SECB, FASCE, E. Jay Ruby, PE, Chad L. Fox, PE, SE, Jeff Gasparott, PE, SECB, and John H. Matuska, PE NASCC
Flexural Members: Is My Cb Factor Correct? 1 Apr 2016 Todd Helwig, PhD, PE NASCC
Design Tips for Constructible Steel-Framed Buildings in High-Seismic Regions 1.5 Mar 2014 John Hooper, PE, SE, and Scott Adan, PhD, SE NASCC
Understanding the Code of Standard Practice 1.5 Mar 2014 Glenn Bishop, PE and David I. Ruby, PE, SE NASCC