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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
The New ASTM A1085 Specification: A New Dynamic for HSS [N51] 0 Mar 2014 Erika Winters-Downey; Brad Fletcher NASCC
Design of Structural Stainless Steel [N52] 0 Mar 2014 Catherine Houska; Nancy Baddoo NASCC
CSA-S16-14 - What's Up in the Next Canadian Steel Design Standard and Its Seismic Provisions [N53] 0 Mar 2014 Michael I. Gilmor; Robert Tremblay; Vincent Richard NASCC
Chevron Brace Connection Design - Economy of Alternate Approaches [N56] 0 Mar 2014 William A.Thornton; Patrick Fortney NASCC
Steel Solutions Center FAQs on Bolting [N57] 0 Mar 2014 Charlie Carter; Heath Mitchell NASCC
CISC Quality Certification [N60] 0 Mar 2014 Craig Martin; Ed Whalen NASCC
SE Business, Profits, BIM & The Critical Path = Structures! [N64] 0 Mar 2014 Will Ikerd NASCC
Best Practices in Scheduling a Fabrication Shop [N65] 0 Mar 2014 Mark Trimble; Jeff Dave NASCC
Effects of Welding Variables on Mechanical Properties [N72] 0 Mar 2014 Anthony Mascalco NASCC
From Engineer to Field -- Eliminating Problems [Y1] 0 Apr 2019 Nyckey Heath, PE ; Carl Williams, PE NASCC
Specification of Intumescent Fire Resistive Coatings [Y3] 0 Apr 2019 Sean Younger NASCC
Solutions for Equity in the Design Industry [Z4] 0 Apr 2019 Natalie Tse ; Elizabeth Mattfield, PE ; Aimee Rowbottom, AIA, NCARB NASCC
The Importance of Project Setup [Z5] 0 Apr 2019 Mark Holland, PE NASCC
Design of Column Reinforcement [L2] 1 Apr 2019 Bo Dowswell, PE, PhD NASCC
Properly Specifying Steel Joists [L9] 0 Apr 2019 Keith Juedemann, PE NASCC
Lateral Load Transfer -- From Diaphragm to Resisting Elements [L12] 0 Apr 2019 Walter Worthley, PE NASCC
Retrofit of Existing Building With Steel Joists [L13] 0 Apr 2019 Michael Mass; Amaya Labrador, AIA, EDAC NASCC
Traditional and Advanced Methods for Assessing Ponding Instability [L15] 0 Apr 2019 NASCC
Specifying Camber: Rules of Thumb for Designers 1 Apr 2009 Erika Winters Downey, SE NASCC
Connection Design: Dealing with Load Path, Transfer Forces, and Apparent Lack of Joint Equilibrium 1.5 Apr 2009 Bill Merrell, PE NASCC