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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Hot-Dip Galvanizing, Tolerances, and Hollow Structural Sections 2 Jun 2005 Philip G. Rahrig and John Krzywicki, Kurt Gustafson, SE, PE, Tabitha S. Stine, PE, Donald R. Sherman, PhD, PE Article
A Closer Look at Steel Plate Shear Walls 1 Jan 2008 Rafael Sabelli, SE, and Jason Ericksen, SE Article
Single-Plate Connection Design to Meet Structural Integrity Requirements 1 Jul 2010 Louis F. Geschwindner, PhD, PE and Kurt Gustafson, SE Article
Seismic Demand on Column Splices in Steel Moment Frames 1 Oct 2010 Jay Shen, Thomas A. Sabol, Bulent Akbas and Narathip Sutchiewcharn Article
Orthogonal and Skewed Shear Connections - Design and Detailing Requirements 2 Mar 2004 Lawrence A. Kloiber Article
Bending Steel, Braced Frame Connections, and High-Strength Bolts 2 May 2006 Todd Alwood, Victor Shneur, PE, John E. O'Leary, SE, PE and Sergio Zoruba, PhD, PE Article
Pushing the Envelope: Facade Attachments to Steel Frames 1 Dec 2007 James Parker, PE, Alec Zimmer, PE, and Christopher Hewitt Article
Properly Prepared 1 Apr 2008 Erika Winters-Downey, SE Article
Connections in Steel Structures V 0 Jun 2004 Connections
Connections in Steel Structures IV 0 Oct 2000 Connections
Connections in Steel Structures III 0 May 1995 Connections
Connections in Steel Structures VIII 0 May 2016 Connections
Connections in Steel Structures VII 0 May 2012 Connections
Connections in Steel Structures VI 0 Jun 2008 Connections
Connections in Steel Structures II 0 Apr 1991 Connections
Lean and Green [G3] 0 Apr 2012 Bret Firebaugh; Bob Hazelton; Sarah Zdarko NASCC
The Fabricator's Role in Sustainability [G4] 0 Apr 2012 Lawrence Kruth; Tim Mrozowski NASCC
Gaining a Green Advantage [G6] 0 Apr 2012 Angela Stephens NASCC
LEED Issues for the Steel Industry [G8] 0 Apr 2012 Kerry Roetzel; Terry Salazar NASCC
Designing Green by the Book: The IGCC [G9] 0 Apr 2012 John Cross NASCC