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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Shear Walls & Systems that Mix Steel and Concrete (Beyond Composite Design) [C9] 0 Mar 2014 Cindi Duncan; Jerry Hajjar; James Fisher NASCC
Keynote T.R. Higgins: Statics, Strength, Ductility, and the Uniform Force Method [K2] 0 Mar 2014 Larry s. Muir NASCC
Cutting Edge of Steel: Trends, Trajectories & Targets [N1] 0 Mar 2014 John Moebes NASCC
Building a Great Workforce [N3] 0 Mar 2014 David Zalesne; Dan Krug NASCC
Working Together to Create Quality Shop and Field Drawings [N5] 0 Mar 2014 Steve Burkholder; Joel Hicks; Tyler Estabrooks; Kirk Harman NASCC
Women in Construction--A Panel Discussion [N7] 0 Mar 2014 Lynda Leigh; Nina Choy; Babette Freund NASCC
AESS 2.0 - Working with Categories for Cost-Efficient Bids, Design and Construction [N8] 0 Mar 2014 Rob Third; Walter Koppelaar; Sylvie Boulanger NASCC
Why Should I Care What Our Employees Think? [N10] 0 Mar 2014 Julian Chapman NASCC
Where'd My Ethics Go? [N11] 0 Mar 2014 Bruce Demeter NASCC
25 Years of North American Retractable Roofs [N12] 0 Mar 2014 Randy Braun; Mark Waggoner NASCC