Stability Verification of Web-Tapered Beam-Columns – Possible Approaches and Open Questions

In this paper, the case of beam-columns with linear varying web is studied. It is the purpose of this paper to: (i) review recent proposals by the authors that are in line with the Eurocodes principles for the stability verification of web-tapered columns and beams; (ii) carry out FEM numerical simulations covering several combinations of bending moment about strong axis, My, and axial force, N, and levels of taper; (iii) compare results to a) existing rules in EC3-1-1 (General Method); b) application of the interaction formulae for verification of beam-columns by adapting it with the previously developed rules for tapered beams and columns. Finally, (iv) to discuss of the possible approaches for the stability verification of portal frames with tapered members.

  • Date: 4/16/2013 - 4/20/2013


Marques, L., da Silva, L.S. and C. Rebelo; University of Coimbra; Coimbra, Portugal

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